Monday, March 30, 2015


Spring break would be the reason for the delays in postings, and there will definitely be a post on spring break, as we had just a wonderful week! 
Our fourth park to visit at Disney was Epcot.  I had never been to Epcot before until 2012, when we went on our very first Disney trip as a family.  I love this park!  There are so many wonderful things to see, and we always manage to find lots of characters here, so if you have little ones, it's a great place to fill up those autograph books! 
 As you can tell, the weather was just perfect for our day at Epcot.  
 And I just don't think the view of the ball ever gets old!  We had reservations at Akershus that morning, but we had time for a quick ride through the ball before breakfast! 
 One of my very favorite character meals is Akershus at Epcot.  I'll talk more about it in a later post, but this is the one where you get to meet so many of the princesses!  It's a must if you have little girls!
 We had a fast pass for the character spot at Epcot, which was so great because we got to meet so many characters! 
 We also got to meet Goofy! 
 I love this picture of our four with Minnie, so sweet! 
 Here's the whole group with Minnie! 
 Epcot doesn't really have too many rides, but our favorite by far is Soarin'! I love love love the smell of the landscape as you're Soarin' through the air.  So fun! 
 We got to meet Chip and Dale! Carter was really excited, as he had been looking forward to meeting them.  Story! Can you believe she is right in the middle of them all by herself?! We've come such a long way since our first trip! 
 I've already forgotten this cute bear's name! It will come to me.  I took these three cuties over to meet him.  
 And then, they got to walk him to his bear cave for a break! 
 I stood in line with these two girls for quite a while to meet Mulan.  She is one of Tilly's most favorites, so meeting her was a must! 
 And Belle, we really love her! I had never seen her in this costume before, only the yellow gown.  So pretty! 
 Alice was very cute and funny! Please notice Tilly! That girl! 
 Thanks to Uncle Cory, we were able to meet Jasmine and Aladdin.  We were one of the very last ones to get in to see them! 
 Each time we have been to Disney, Tinkerbell has come to see us while we sleep.  She leaves a little gift for the children, kind of like the Tooth Fairy.  She also cleans our room while we are gone each day! So fun!  One of the gifts she left the girls was a fan from China with their names written in Chinese characters.  She also left Carter a Chinese fan with his name written as well! Such a fun gift! 
 The fireworks at Epcot are really grand, too!  
One last picture of the big golf ball before we left the park! We opted to spend only one day at this park, but I could easily have spent two.  There are so many things to see and do!  Our family did sneak back over on our last day.  I'll share about that in my next post! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom is one of, if not our very favorite park.  I am not sure why either.  Maybe it's because on the day we went on our first visit it was just the perfect day or maybe it's because of Everest - our very favorite roller coaster.  At any rate, we love Animal Kingdom! 
 One the way into the park, we decided that the big 3 and I would make a sprint into the park to try to ride Everest as many times as possible before our breakfast reservation at the Tusker House.  
 And that's just what we did!  We sprinted from the parking lot to our favorite ride at Disney and got in two quick rides all before breakfast! So.  Much.  Fun.  
 These three are rock stars! 
 We had breakfast at Tusker House.  
 All the grandchildren with Papa and Gigi.  The dresses the girls are wearing were from Papa and Gigi and came from Target.  They were so cute! Carter is wearing an Angry Bird Star Wars shirt from my mom.  
 The whole family!
 Right after breakfast, we hit up the safari!
 We were able to see so many animals, too! 
 Pretty Summer. 
 My sidekick and mini me.  I am so proud of this girl.  On our first trip, she barely came out of the stroller and was terrified of all of the characters.  She was such a big girl on this trip, hugging the characters, riding all the rides, and just being her sweet self.  
 She did take a long nap in the stroller while were at AK.  David took the big 3 to ride some rides while I sat in the sun and let Story sleep.  
 Pocahontas is one of Summer's favorite princesses, and we did not get to see her on our first trip, so it was very exciting to find her in Animal Kingdom.  
 She was just beautiful and so sweet with the girls.  
 I love this picture of Summer with her.  Summer was telling Pocahontas that she is her favorite Princess!  Sweet!
 Next we met some of the characters from Up.  
 Our party of six.  
 David and Russell.  
 The Lion King show at Animal Kingdom is one of the best.  The colors are so beautiful and the music is awesome! 
 And once again we found ourselves back at Everest.  
 Do you see us in the middle?
 We shut down the park on our favorite roller coaster once again.  We rode Everest 9x, beating our previous record of 6! Such a fun day! We headed back to the hotel when AK closed for an early supper at the hotel and an early bedtime.  
Cake is just better when it's shared.  Next up, Epcot!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studios was next up for our fun week.  We also spent two days at this park.  
 We wore our superhero shirts for this day, and I loved how cute they looked!  Story is Batman - you'll be able to see in the following pictures. 
 We had breakfast at Hollywood and Vine, but I'll again save that for the food post.  
 Lightning McQueen and Mater.  Carter loved them when he was smaller.  I think he still does ;) Tilly is wearing Story's mouse ears I was talking about in the previous post that light up in time with Wishes at Magic Kingdom.  
 A new thing they had this year and one of our favorites was a Frozen sing a long.  So fun!  
 With the Green Army Man from Toy Story and a Tilly/Gigi photo bomb ;)
 Getting on the Star Wars ride.  Our boy is all about some Star Wars and Superheroes right now, so he was in little boy heaven at Hollywood Studios!  
 Being superheroes is hard work, but somebody's gotta do it! 
 Carter getting his Star Wars on!
 One of our top 3 favorite rides at Hollywood Studios is Toy Story Mania - so much fun! The second time we went it was broken, and we were so disappointed!
 Belle is my favorite Disney princess, so we had to go see her!  Twice! 
 Showing our muscles with Frozone and Mr. Incredible!
 This was one of my favorite nights.  Papa and Gigi took all the children back to the hotel for an early bedtime, except for this handsome fella, so his Daddy and I had him all to ourselves for the magic hours at Hollywood Studios.  
 Cari and Cory stayed behind with us, too!  It was so much fun!  We rode Rockin' Roller Coaster over and over again.  Carter and I even got to be on the front row one time and that was awesome!  
Outside of Rockin' Roller Coaster and Toy Story Mania, our other favorite ride at Hollywood Studios is the Tower of Terror.  On our first trip, I didn't ride it.  I thought it was like the Free Fall at Six Flags, but it's not at all and it's so much fun!  We rode it several times during our two days at this park. 
 Our second day at the park included two musts, Jedi training and Fantasmic.  As you can see the first one definitely happened, but not without an early arrival at Hollywood Studios and a dead sprint to the training center.  Whew!  The things you will do for your children, ha! 
 It was all fun and games til this guy came out!  
 Learning the ways of the Jedi, Summer is.  
 Strong with the force is this one.  
 The force is with Tilly, too! 
 So, this was one of my favorite parts of the morning.  When Carter was finished challenging Darth Vader, the Storm Troopers followed him, and he was able to use the force on them!  So cool!  I think this is a day he won't soon forget!  I am thinking our light saber collection has more than doubled since this trip ;)
 All of the Jedis.  So fun!  
 The Rockin' RollerCoaster was the only ride at all four parks that Story was not tall enough to ride, but I have to brag on our littlest love.  She was so brave and rode all of the rides at every park.  I tell people that I really think our children are too little to know to be afraid, ha!  This was Tilly's first year to ride it because she was not tall enough either the first time.  She loved it! I had so much fun riding with her because she's such a mess! 
 Little groupies!
 Miss Hollywood!
Fantasmic is one of our very favorite nighttime shows.  The first night at Hollywood Studios, we misunderstood the start time, so we didn't have good seats, but our last night at the park we did it up right!  such a great show! Next up, Animal Kingdom!