Wednesday, December 17, 2014

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Party

Last Friday, all of the first graders at PCS enjoyed their annual 'Twas the Night Before Christmas party at school.  They got to spend the day wearing their pajamas and doing all kinds of neat Christmas activities with their classmates. 

Summer all dressed in her pajamas for her Night Before Christmas party!
I was able to pop in throughout the morning to check on my girl and see the different activities.  She had so much fun!

One of the last things they did was for all of the first graders to gather in the library while Mrs.  Greer read to them a Christmas story.  What a special day!

And almost as soon as Summer's partying was over, I got to attend a play at William Carey with this handsome fella and the rest of the second graders at PCS.  We saw Aesop's Fables, and it was quite good!

On the very same day after school, Summer and I took Carter and Tilly home and then hurried to the first grade ornament exchange, another fun PCS tradition. 

Here are all the first grade girls who participated in the festivities.  It was such a fun and crazy busy day.  As you can tell, we are fully embracing the Christmas season at our house!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's almost Christmastime.

I just love this time of year, don't you? We have been busy preparing for the Christmas season at our house, which apparently this year, means having the flu.  All four children have had it and seem to have survived, whew!  Before the flu struck, Tilly's class went on a field trip to ride the Christmas train in Columbia.  Tilly asked for her daddy to go with her on this field trip, and he happily complied.  He even sent me pictures throughout the day chronicling their adventures.  He's a keeper!  
Tilly and her sweet friends on the Christmas train. 

Sweet girls again once they got off the train to participate in some Christmas activities.  Tilly told me she had the best day!

This picture Tilly told David to take and send to me.  Love this girl!
Our 3rd annual Hattiesburg Christmas parade.  I'm pretty sure at this point Carter was beginning to feel pretty badly.  He doesn't look too thrilled, ha!

That night after the parade, we had our annual staff Christmas party at Hardy Street Baptist Church.  Story looks like she's done something she shouldn't have.  Summer and Tilly look so sweet and pretty in the middle.  Carter looks like he's about to fall over, and David is hugging the tree.  And that my friends, is my party of six, ha! More Christmas fun coming your way!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving in Arkansas.

This year for Thanksgiving, we spent the week with our family in Arkansas.  Sunday after church, we hit the road and made it to Papa and Gigi's just in time for supper! The children were sooo excited!

From the time we leave our house until the moment when we see this beautiful sight, the children are asking, "Have we seen the bridge yet?"

And we always, always take our picture with the big Arkansas sign.  I don't even have to tell the children what to do anymore.  They just run to the sign and get in order, ha!  Love them! About two hours later, we arrived at Papa and Gigi's house to find supper on the table.  Sigh.  That's the making of what's sure to be a great week. 

David and his mom share the same birthday, so cool!  And at our house, we always have doughnuts for the birthday boy or girl on their special day.  Gigi got to have her birthday doughnut before she went to work that day. 

David got to enjoy his doughnuts with a few spectators.  Another birthday tradition is for the birthday boy or girl to choose where we eat supper or lunch.  The birthday boy picked Moe's for his birthday lunch.  Papa got to go with us, but Gigi had to work.  We celebrated David and Gigi the next night when the Calhouns made it to town to help us celebrate.  Sadly, I did not get any more pictures.  Shameful!

I did take one of this girl because on Thanksgiving Day, she lost her very first tooth.  Summer pulled it! David replayed the conversation for me.  Summer:  Tilly, honey, let me look at it.  Honey, it's ready to pull.  Tilly:  okay, Summer.  And big sister pulled it right out!

Friday, we called the hogs in hopes that they would help our dawgs get to the SEC title game by beating Missouri.  Sadly, it was not meant to be.  Saturday, we stayed to watch the good ole fashioned hate game between Georgia and Georgia Tech, and that game didn't end so well either.  Sigh.  It just wasn't the year for our dawgs.  After the Georgia game, we headed back home to Mississippi.  We had a wonderful time in Arkansas for Thanksgiving and were so sad for the week to end. 

It didn't take us long to get back into the swing of things at our house though, ha!  Carter and David hit the deer woods and took out a couple of does.  Both of which are already processed, bagged, labeled and in our freezer. 

And while the boys are away. . . Well, the girls just gotta play! 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

PCS Thanksgiving

I love the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.  The school where our children attend does such a great job of making the holidays so special and meaningful for the children, too!  Tilly's class made Indian costumes and wore them to the school cafeteria for the Thanksgiving dinner at school.  Lucky for me, I get a firsthand look at all the fun our big three are having during the day, so fun!
Our very own Princess Shining Brook aka Tilly Brooke!

Me and my Tilly girl.  Love.  Her.  Big. 

Tilly with some of her sweet friends at school. 

Meanwhile, over at the preschool, Story and her little classmates were getting ready for their Thanksgiving program.  This is one of the sweetest little programs, and we could not wait to see our little Indian sing her heart out. 

Our little Indian.  Summer and Tilly wore these same Indian "costumes" when they were in PreK.  You'll notice that Princess Shining Brook allowed her little sister to borrow her headdress for the program, melt my heart. 

The full effect, so cute!

I absolutely adore this picture.  Story is smiling at her sweet friend, Olly during the program.  These two sweet girls sang their little hearts out, and I was thrilled when Olly's momma sent me this precious picture.  Love. 

Story with Miss Gin, her PreK teacher.  This precious lady also taught Summer and Tilly, and we could not be more thankful for her!

I could not be more thankful for this girl if I tried. 
The three of us have spent a lot of time together these last three years while the big 3 have been in school.  I am so very thankful for this time.  I will not know what to do when this sweet thing starts Kindergarten next year! Story, you did a wonderful job in your Thanksgiving program.  Daddy and I are so very proud of you!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Summer's baptism.

On Sunday, November 16, Summer was baptized at Hardy Street Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Saturday before her big day, David's parents traveled from Arkansas for the big even, and I was diagnosed with strep, so sad!

Still contagious and with fever, but with my doctor's permission, I snuck into the church just before the big event.  There was no way I was missing this special moment!  Love this girl so very much and could not be more thankful or proud if I tried of her!

I love this picture.  David is sharing with the church about Summer's profession of faith.  He also asked for Summer's family and Sunday School class to stand up.  Love the look on her sweet face!

But this picture.  Wow, just wow.  It may be one of my most favorite I've ever taken.  Look at how she is looking up at her daddy.  With complete trust and love and adoration.  Love.  We had this one enlarged and  framed for David's birthday just a few weeks ago. 

Love this one, too!  She was so proud and so excited! 

The fab four with Papa and Gigi after church just before the headed home in hopes of beating the bad weather headed their way.  Thankfully, they made it safe and sound. 

One more with Daddy, too!  Happy baptism day, Summer!  We are so very proud of you and thankful for this most important decision you have made.  We trust and know that God is going to use you in big ways for His kingdom!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Summer's field trip to Landrum's Country.

The day after Story's field trip to Mitchell Farms, Summer and I headed to Landrum's Country with her first grade class.  Meanwhile, David is still in Montana, and I have officially lost my voice at this point.  Sunday night, right after David left (literally), my voice started fading.  By Wednesday, I could not talk at all.  The Lord, He really has quite the sense of humor! I figure He didn't want me hollering at the children too much while their daddy was away.  Turns out, I couldn't yell, even if I wanted to, ha! Back to Summer. . .

Summer's class, along with the other first grade classes, met at the Hattiesburg train station and rode the train to Laurel before going to Landrum's Country. 

Me with my Summer girl.  We didn't get a picture together on the day of her field trip, but this was taken just the week before when our church visited Mitchell Farms with the children from Homes of Hope. 

Summer waiting to board the train.  Such a neat experience at such a young age! The first grade classes rode the train from Hattiesburg to Laurel, and all of the parents picked them up from the train station before making our way over to Landrum's Country. 

Summer's class first went to try their hands at shooting! Her daddy would've been so proud.  Check out that stance!

They also got to mine for gems.  Summer found so many pretty stones. 

Needless to say, we did survive the week at home with Daddy gone to Montana.  Thursday after school, we drove to New Orleans to pick him up from the airport. 

We ate the famous pancakes at City Diner in New Orleans.  So fun!  As you can see, we are just a little happy to have our main man home! 

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Story's first ever class field trip.

The very week David traveled to Montana, Story and Summer had field trips with their classes.  Thankfully, with the help of some sweet college girls, I managed to be able to attend both trips, whew.  Story's class traveled to Mitchell Farms, and we had the best time.  The weather could not have been more perfect. 

Story's precious preK class at PCS preschool. 

Story and one of her favorite friends, Lacey. 

My girl.  We had the best day together.  Such a treat to be her momma. 

Story's favorite thing to do at Mitchell Farms.  She loved it!  We may or may not have almost taken out a very pregnant lady with the swing! I felt terrible!
I don't know who was more excited about her first field trip, Story or me!  I still cannot wrap my head around her being big enough to go on a field trip in the first place.  Whew!