Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Festival

Last weekend was a whirlwind blur, beginning Friday with the Wheel-A-Thon and Carter's baseball game.  Saturday was no joke either!
Carter and Summer ran their very first 5K on Saturday.  It was hosted by our church and all proceeds will benefit our world mission's offering.  So great!  Their official time was 55:45.  Not too shabby for no training at all!  After the 5K, Carter also participated in the 1 mile fun run!  Somebody needs to sign this boy up for track! 
After the race, our crew headed over to the zoo for some fun and an egg hunt.  I adore this picture of Story and one of her very favorite friends, Mallory.  Thanks, Kelly, for the sweet picture!

I was too busy yapping to take many pictures, but I did manage to get this one of Summer feeding the goats.  

One of the highlights of my day was taking one of my favorite friends and co-workers, Rebecca, come for the egg hunt with her three girls.  Here are Bela and Blaire with Story.  It was such a treat to spend the morning with these girls!

After the egg hunt, our church hosted a crawfish boil at the park.  So yum and so fun!  I enjoyed spending lots of time with this pretty girl.  
Sunday was another full day, too.  After church, Tilly went to a birthday party at the movies.  Carter went with David to a finance meeting.  Summer and Story went with me to a bridal shower I was helping to host!  Such a fun weekend!  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This past Friday, the big 3 participated in a Wheel-A-Thon at school to raise money for our playground. When Carter was in Kindergarten, we did something similar, but the children ran instead of rode.  This year, the children were encouraged to bring something to ride around the school.  
Tilly and her friend, Sidney getting ready to ride with their classmates.  
Mrs. Malone's Kindergarten class.  
My awesome, co-worker, Mrs. Gory, giving some Kindergartner girls a ride.  
Here's Carter getting ready to ride with his class.  
There he goes!
I am so thankful that David was able to come to the school and watch the children.  Such a great daddy, he is!
Carter and me!  
Summer quickly realized that she could run faster than the scooter, so she took off!  
Summer's class on Wheel-A-Thon day! 
And I can't forget this sweet thing.  She had class pictures at school today, so she asked to wear her favorite butterfly dress with her "sparkle" Toms.  
Friday night after the Wheel-A-Thon, Carter had a baseball game.  The weather was perfect!  
And they won for the very first time!  What a great start to what became a super busy weekend! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Global Wildlife Preserve

This past week, I had the treat of chaperoning on a first grade field trip.  We traveled to Folsom, Louisiana, to the Global Wildlife Preserve.  When I was telling David where we were going, he said, "Isn't that where the prison is?"  It is!  Ha!  
This is Carter's favorite friend in all the land, Peyton.  His momma has become a dear friend to me, too, and I loved sitting with her on our bus ride to LA.  She's a hoot!
It was so fun to spend the day with Carter.  
Carter wanted to take a selfie with him and Peyton.  

Before our wildlife adventure began, each person was given a cup full of food for the animals. 

The ostrich put on a show for us.  Carter said, "Look, Momma!  He's trying to get in love!"  All of the adults on the safari were rolling!  

The animals were just beautiful.  

Isn't the giraffe stunning?  
We were so close to the animals.  They came right up to our safari train for us to feed them.  

See what I mean! 

One of my favorite pictures of the day!  You had to be careful of the zebras!  They bite!

Well, hello there!

The horns on this guy were quite impressive.

It was amazing that the zebras were close enough to touch.  

The llamas were my favorite.  

Their mouths were so soft, and they ate right out of our hands.  

The next two pictures are of Carter feeding the llama.  

He thought it was so cool that they would eat right out of our hands.  

I love this picture.  Peyton's momma was holding on for dear life!  He kept leaning over the side of the train!

Check out the tongue on this fella! 
Carter feeding another llama.  I think those were his favorites, too!

These two!  I had the most fun on this trip.  After our safari, we had a picnic lunch, and then we headed home to Hattiesburg.  Such a great day! 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Our weekend in pictures.

We had a wonderfully busy weekend.  Friday, I took the day off from school to spend some time with David.  We started our morning off with a Starbucks and locking our keys in the car at the gas station.  Awesome.  And On-Star kept getting an error when they tried to get it unlocked for us.  Double awesome.  Finally, about an hour later, we got back into our car.  That's what I get for playing hooky from school anyway!  We did enjoy a great lunch date before picking up our littlest love from school.  
I have really missed being at home with this sweet thing.  
She loves to wear my shoes.  I had to help her a little with these.  
We finally got them on! 
Carter had a play date and a birthday party, so we got the girls all dolled up for their very first piano recital.  They were so excited!  
The azaleas are in full bloom, so we took the opportunity to take a few pictures of our little beauties.  This girl is growing up and maturing into such a beautiful young lady with the most thoughtful heart.  
And this girl, I cannot believe she is almost done with kindergarten!  She keeps us in stitches with her witty self and infectious personality.  
And our dimpled darling.  She's just not a baby anymore!  She will be four in a month, wow!  
The recital was for Miss Patience, Carter's piano teacher.  It was her junior piano recital, and she nailed it!  We were honored to hear her play!  
Saturday was opening day for baseball!  And it lasted all. day. long. Ha!  It was a work day at church, so David and I divided and conquered with a little help from our friends.  Carter and I spent the day at the fields, and we had so much fun.  That morning was the opening ceremonies followed by pictures.  Then, his team had a practice.  The moms shagged balls in the outfield while the boys and girls took batting practice.  So fun!  
On opening day, every team in the league plays one game.  Carter's team had their game early in the afternoon, lucky us!  Carter got to play lots of different positions.  He has been playing center field like a boss!  This game, he enjoyed catcher, pitcher, and outfield.  Sadly, his team didn't have the most points when the game was over, but they sure played their little hearts out.  
David had a revival in Jackson that night, so he had to leave before the game was over, but not without giving our favorite little fella a quick pep talk!  Such a fun weekend!